About the Green Building Centre

We inspire and empower Australians to build energy efficient homes and use products and practices which reduce waste, pollution and environmental impact.  We provide easy access to genuine green building information, products and services.

Homebuilders and renovators wishing to build and renovate in this way can use these resources to assist them. We also promote and support businesses making green building products and supplying green building services.

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Products Directory

Green building products are now sought by many modern home builders. Indeed there is a rise in the number of green products available. However, sifting through the greenwash to find genuine green products that perform well is a big task. We aim to make it easier for you by compiling a list of green building products with their environmental and performance features clearly shown.

We are at the beginning stages of creating this directory, and invite your recommendations of excellent green products you have found and used.


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Over 30% of global greenhouse gasses are from buildings and the toxins in our world are increasing every day. Green building practices reduce waste and toxic pollution of our environment, and reduce CO2 emissions when building.

We’re affiliating with a network of trusted professionals Australia wide who’ve made a commitment to providing green building or renovating services. Help us build this network by referring a professional.


Keep up to date with news and views on green building. Share your  experiences  and help others to find resources and products that you have found helpful. Building and renovating with environmentally friendly, energy efficient and non-toxic products… Read blog