A new year. A new gear. & Biomimicry…

A new year. A new gear. & Biomimicry…

Ok, It’s February 2015. The vision is clear, the foundations are laid and so the building begins!

Hello fellow green builders, inquisitive minds and active doers of the world.

My name is Melanie and I’ll be one of your hosts for this green building blog.



GBC Copy writer researcher

I love all things related to design and especially building design. I love efficiency.

Things that simply work well and provide you with an experience that’s comfortable, flows, and makes you feel good.

Space saving and functional !

If it’s visually well designed, so much the better – and probably one of the reasons I was drawn to it.

Nature does this; it completely ticks all the boxes…works flawlessly (in optimum conditions), flows to it’s own rhythm, pulses with life energy and is beautiful to look at.

Once this concept dawned on me and I learned about the health benefits, I began to move closer and closer toward all things natural & began seeking and buying products as few steps away from nature as possible.

Turns out there’s a scientific name for it! Biomimicry

It’s the science and art of emulating nature’s best biological ideas to solve human problems. If nature can create this amazing, intelligent planet full of the most wondrous things – plants, animals, bugs, rocks, ocean, sea life, weather,

and the list goes on – then it makes sense to learn from nature, right?

Consider this – if we combine natural elements, whilst disturbing the earth in the least way possible, to produce all sorts of amazing functional items, surely the result will be the most efficient, fluent and beautiful products. Win/win.

Our built environment then becomes at one with nature and a peaceful serenity is bound to exist.

It’s a utopian dream I guess, but a theory with appealing positives and a fun way to live!


The Green Building Centre is all about providing for you- in the easiest, slickest, hassle free way – all you need to know and understand about building with environmentally friendly products and services.

So my aim here, with this blog, is to deliver this information in the form of a quick read that’s easy to understand, show you the benefits and get you thinking about all the exciting green possibilities for your building, renovating, and style make-over endeavors!

green building blog

As part of my role at the GBC, I also investigate and research all the best new green products, check all the eco credentials of businesses and write content for our website. So if you come across any cool new products that you think are worthy of being added to our site or would make for an interesting blog post, please do let us know…

Email me at mel@greenbuildingcentre.net.au or contact the centre via info@greenbuildingcentre.net.au .

Lets go forth for a fun, informative year!    Chat soon …     :) Melanie

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