Along with the shower, toilets are clean water guzzlers. It seems madness that we flush good clean, drinkable water, down the toilet when many communities around the world do not have enough drink water to stay alive. Thankfully, new eco friendly toilet solutions have been developed in recent years that use either recycled grey water-from washing machines and or showers, require very little water or have a completely water-less flushing system. These new-age enviro toilets are both affordable and aesthetically pleasing, many resembling conventional toilets, and are efficient and easy to maintain. Water waste for waste is a thing of the past!

Eco Flo

Ecoflo Wastewater Management is the manufacturer of Nature Loo and the sole Australian importer of the Canadian Sun-Mar and French Kazuba composting toilets and greywater systems for use in homes and commercial settings. By separating the management of toilet water and greywater from your kitchen, shower and laundry your family can save 35,000L of water each year. Browse the leading brands of waterless read more..