A revolutionary new low carbon, high strength, yet lightweight exterior wall cladding for residential and commercial applications. Made from Magnesium Oxide ( MgO ) – a sustainable plentiful, naturally occurring ore – composing about 8% of the earth’s surface, plus 60% post industrial recycled waste.  The finished product is similar to fibre cement boards in its cutting and working but offers improved bending strength and finishing qualities.

This multi purpose weatherboard is strong, extremely durable, mould resistant and non-combustable. It can be fixed to timer or steel studs with spacing at maximum 600mm. It is approved for Bushfire Building Zones.

A clean precise profile and tongue and groove joint down each end make it easy to install, and create stunningly sharp horizontal lines that appeal to many designers.

INEX weatherboards also have superior sound dampening properties, when used on their own or as part of a walling system.


INEX weatherboard is suitable for exterior wall cladding in all climates. It can be used in bushfire zones, has Fire Resistance Level (FRL) certification 60/60/60  and can be used for BAL_FZ construction – ask us for details of bushfire rated walling systems using this product.

There is a smooth profile ideal for painting, and a textured profile which can be made to look like timber grain.


UBIQ was established in 2007 with a vision to producing the world’s best building board.  An Australian company dedicated to innovative green technology, currently manufacturing in China to make cost competitive green building boards available on the world market.


2Low carbon  – Less energy required to produce than cement

2Sustainable – Made from a renewable plentiful resource

2Healthy – Made from non-toxic material. No out-gassing

2Mould free  – Does not support the growth of mould, fungus or bugs.

2Long lasting – Immune to weathering elements – so long lasting efficient use of resources

2Recyclable – 100% re-useable.


2Strong – Stronger than fibre cement.

2Durable – Near indestructible boards, not deteriorated by weathering elements. Suitable for all climates. 20 year warranty

2Stable – Heat and moisture have very little effect on the board’s dimensional properties.

2Fire resistant – Non-flammable. BAL 40 and BAL-FZ rating  – ideal for bushfire prone areas

2Acoustic performance – INEX weatherboard has superior sound absorbing properties to timber.

2Price competitive – Comparable price to other cladding boards on the market

2Aesthetic – Can be painted for an attractive modern finish, or stained to look like timber.


“We used the Ubiq INEX weatherboards externally on an attic conversion/ granny flat over the top of a garage in Gladesville. The designer and the client were after a product that was strong and durable, easy to install. Obviously with the fire-rating properties – very important for them, being other properties nearby. Easy to use, easy to cut, lightweight, builders dream ! ”.

“It saved me $15,000 per house”


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