A clever recycling of plastic and bamboo waste.

Made from 30% recycled plastic and 60% bamboo sawdust waste from the flooring manufacture.

The unique combination of bamboo and plastic gives mechanical strength, flexibility, and durability to extreme weathering elements.

Priced at only a little more than standard timber decking, the added longevity and reduced maintenence equates to an overall cots saving for both consumer and the environment.

The attractive woodgrain pattern is stamped on the surface and will wear in time. The colour will also fade a little in time. However it will not rot and doesn’t ever need to be coated.

Dirt and water marks can be removed with regular cleaning.

Overall this product saves on maintenence and saves the environment.


Suitable for residential and commercial decks both interior and exterior, and comes with a 10-year warranty.

The optional installation system, using stainless steel clips, dramatically reduces installation time  and means it can be installed without any top nailing.


Clever Choice is dedicated to producing quality products in a sustainable manner. They manufacture at a modern facility in China with strong quality check in place.

They get independent Australian Certification to satisfy criteria for their products to be specified and used for government and commercial projects, as well as offering environmental and safety reaasurance for families and homes.  


2Recycled waste – 30% recycled plastic, 60% recycled bamboo fibre and sawdust.

2Non-toxic – 10% non-toxic additives including UV agents, colourants, anti-fungal agents, stabilisers, re-inforcing and lubricants.

2Resource efficient – saves forests and finishing products.


2Easy to install – stainless steel clip system. No top nailing.

2Low maintenance – no coating or re-coating required.

2Resistant to rot and cracking – highly moisture and UV resistant

2Termite & insect proof – not attractive to these.