Bamboo is stronger than most hardwoods and takes only 4 years to grow to a mature tree ready to harvest. Hardwoods of comparable density and strength take 100’s of years to grow to maturity. It really is the eco friendly choice.

We are proud to present Clever Choice bamboo flooring – a high quality bamboo flooring made from solid strand woven bamboo, harvested and manufactured using low environmental impact techniques in compliance with GECA standards.

A special high-density hot press method used in the manufacturing process makes Clever Choice Bamboo flooring 10% denser than the benchmark standard for bamboo flooring in Australia. This results in an exceptionally impact resistant flooring.

Highest quality E0 European Aluminium Oxide coatings, applied at the factory, give a low emission, highly protective finish that is fully cured and ready to walk on as soon as it is installed. The clever-click installation system requires no glue.


Clever Choice Bamboo flooring is suitable for residential and commercial applications. It’s easy to keep clean and comes with a 25-year residential warranty.

Being pre-finished means it’s ready to use as soon as it’s laid, and the 4–sided clever click system is quick and easy to install without messy glues.


Clever Choice is dedicated to producing the best quality flooring on the Australian market and equally serious about it being sustainable and non-toxic. They’ve achieved one better than the industry standards on both these counts, with their flooring being 10% denser than the industry standard and the emissions being lower than the E1 industry standard. They manufacture at a modern facility in China with strong quality.

Each tree in their managed bamboo forest is selected for the time of harvest and the harvesting is staggered, ensuring that the forest is always present, helping to reduce greenhouse gases. The whole bamboo tree is then used for manufacturing of products from flooring to tooth picks, thus eliminating any waste.


2Fast growing resource – Bamboo is ready for harvesting every 4 years

2Eco-friendly harvesting – Clever Choice bamboo uses low environmental impact harvesting compliant with FSC and GECA standards

2Climate positive – Staggered harvesting ensures the forest is always present and reducing greenhouse gases.

2Minimal waste – The whole bamboo tree is used for manufacturing products – from flooring to toothpicks, thus reducing waste.

2Low emission product – Lower than E1 standard for air emissions.

2Low emission finish – E0 European standard coating


2Hard – Harder than most Australian hardwoods.

2Stable – Clever Bamboo is 10% denser on average  than other bamboo flooring.

2Moisture controlled – Air drying and conditioning rooms are used to control moisture and prevent cupping or cracking.

2Quick installation – 4 sided Clever-Click system for quick and easy installation.

2Quality finish – Pre-finished with nine layers of abrasion resistant, anti-scratch, UV cured Aluminum Oxide.

2Low emission – GECA certified low emission product and finish.

2Glue less installation.

2Long life – 25 year residential warranty

2Modern styles – Large range of modern styles to choose from.


“When the carpet in the living room of my rental unit reached its use by date I dreaded the thought of putting down a replacement carpet. I want to live in the unit myself eventually, and what I want is polished flooring with scatter rugs.

When I first heard of bamboo flooring I was initially skeptical. Then a friend of mine told me about Clever Bamboo. He had used the product in his home and, being a bit of a handy man, had also installed it himself.

I checked it out, liked what I saw and decided to give it a go. The result has been sensational. It looks great and it’s there for life. When I came to rent the unit again, the first person to look signed up, and at an extra $50.00 per week than what I was able to ask previously. It will take no time to recoup my improvement investment. I am one happy customer.”

Paul Mooney, Broadbeach