INEX boards are lightweight high performance building boards made from Magnesium Oxide ( MgO ) reinforced with fibreglass. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to fibre cement board because less energy is used in their production and magnesium oxide is a sustainable plentiful, naturally occurring ore – composing about 8% of the earth’s surface.

Magnesium Oxide technology produces a cement type product that is more energy efficient, stronger and longer lasting than traditional Portland cement.

The INEX product range includes Flooring, Renderboard, Weatherboard, and Decking.

INEX boards are fire-rated to Bushfire Attack Level BAL 40 and BAL-FZ , have excellent accoustic properties, high strength and impact resistance, high thermal tollerance and stability, and are mould and water resistant.


INEX flooring is an eco friendly flooring material suitable for homes and residential application, including patios and wet areas. Can also be used for wall cladding and benchtops.

INEX renderboard is a stable substrate for all renders and can be used to create lightweight high rise buildings with similar strength to concrete tilt panel.

INEX weatherboard is suitable for exterior wall cladding in all climates. It can be used in bushfire zones, and has ….and exellent acoustic properties.


UBIQ was established in 2007 with a vision to producing the world’s best building board.  An Australian company dedicated to innovative green technology, currently manufacturing in China to make cost competitive green building boards available on the world market.


2Low carbon  – Less energy required to produce than cement

2Sustainable – Made from a renewable plentiful resource

2Healthy – Made from non-toxic material. No out-gassing

2Mould free  – Does not support the growth of mould, fungus or bugs.

2Long lasting – Immune to weathering elements – so long lasting efficient use of resources

2Recyclable – 100% re-useable. Many possible uses for offcuts.


2Strong – Stronger than fibre cement & plasterboard. The flooring is rated at 22MPa – about 3 times that of comparable fibre cement flooring

2Durable – Near indestructible boards, not deteriorated by weathering elements. Suitable for all climates

2Stable – Heat and moisture have very little effect on the board’s dimensional properties.

2Fire resistant – Non-flammable. BAL 40 and BAL-FZ rating  – ideal for bushfire prone areas

2Acoustic performance – INEX floor has superior sound absorbing properties to timber flooring. A 10mm INEX board is equivalent to 13mm sound rated plasterboard.

2Price competitive – Comparable price to other building boards on the market

2Aesthetic – INEX floor and INEX boards can be clear coated for an attractive modern finish.


“We have just installed your INEX 16ml floorboard product at our latest residential project. We were very impressed that the product is extremely light weight, strong and very easy to work with. It is quick and easy to fix the boards with no predrilling necessary. It works well with the INEX-BOND and is a far superior product to other competitors. We were also very happy with the cost saving. We’d definitely recommend your products and will use them for future projects.”
Joshua Rossini of Crux Building

“Once the qualities of INEX flooring were understood, it became a natural choice for this project” says builder Leo Felton of Constellation Carpentry. “It’s astonishing that this material can be used as both a substrate for bathrooms and decks, and as a quality finished surface like at ILVE … It was so easy to work with; I even used a hand saw to trim it around the columns”.
ILVE showroom – see photo on RHS above.