Sustainable architecture seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by energy efficient design and use of non-toxic renewable, low carbon or recycled materials wherever possible. Working with an architect to create a design that embraces your needs as well as environmental considerations is the best way to get a sustainable home. The reward of ongoing savings on running costs as well as enjoyment of this sort of home makes employing a sustainable Architect an invaluable first step.


At Aardvarc we’re driven by a love of nature and an appreciation for practical and personal design. Whether applied to residential, multi-residential, commercial or retail projects, we approach design using novel ideas, and both new and used materials, in order to produce environmentally conscious and meaningful architecture. We respect our Clients most valuable resources, time and read more..


Project Habitation – Architects

Project Habitation offer Architectural, Landscape design and Interior design services. We work with form, space and texture, light and shade, openness and enclosure to create beautiful environments inside and out. Tailored to your needs, your taste, your site and budget, we take great pleasure in bringing people’s dreams to life.