Project Habitation offer both Architectural and Interior Design services. We work with form, space and texture, light and shade, openness and enclosure to create beautiful environments inside and out.


Our designs are tailored to your needs, your taste, your site and budget.

We take great pleasure in bringing people’s dreams to life and hope to make designing your new home one of the most rewarding undertakings of your life.


Spaces that function well, define you and how you like to live and work. Our designs are BEAUTIFUL, SUSTAINABLE, AFFORDABLE.

We believe a well-designed home can foster the lifestyle you and your family may only have dreamed of and build a significant investment for the future.


Project Habitation are a husband and wife team with extensive experience in designing beautiful and sustainable homes in the Northern Rivers and South-East Queensland. However, we are happy to work on any projects throughout Australia.


2  House design – New builds, renovations, investment properties, multi residential.

2  Interior design – Uplift the ambience of any space. We source materials, finishes & fixtures.

2  Landscape design – We include landscaping in all designs as we consider it inseparable from building design.

2  Commercial design – Quality design can uplift the customer experience and consequently your business revenue. We work closely with your branding to ensure seamless business identity.

2  Renovation audits – Advise on potential improvements to add value when selling your property, revitalising old properties, kitchens & bathrooms, external improvements, or cosmetic makeovers.


2  Climate responsive design – Celebrate the best aspects of your local climate and connect intimately with the outdoors. Energy efficient climate design saves money, energy, water and resources.

2  Passive solar design – Optimal solar orientation, smart ventilation techniques and use of thermal mass to save you money and energy, water and resources

2 Environmentally responsible  – Low embodied energy materials. Solar hot water and power.

2  Reduced water usage – Use of rain water, flitered grey water and permeable landscaping to reduce runoff.

2  Reduce waste and toxic pollution – Natural & renewable materials, low VOC paints, and good ventilation for a healthy interior.


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WINNING DESIGN Sustainable Small House Design Competition


Alyssa CScreen Shot 2015-02-11 at 3.26.52 pmlift

Master of Architecture

B. Design (Arch)

B. Design (Interior)


Alyssa founded Project Habitation on her diverse experience of Architectural and Interior Design projects. They include large hotels, boutique renovations, an Eco Resort and a Green Star University Building.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 3.27.34 pmRay Maher

Master of Architecture

B. Design (Arch)

PHD Canditate (UQ)


Ray is an experienced designer and researcher in sustainability strategies and teaches sustainable design to Architecture students at the University of Queensland.


“This is exactly the kind of sustainable development we need to see more of in the region.” – Simon Richardson, Mayor of Byron Bay

“Wow! Seems like you’ve nailed it!” – Nazree from Brisbane

“It’s been a great experience working with you both and soon we’ll be moving in. Thank you for making it possible.” – Tao Starr