The Green Building Centre is GROWING.

The Green Building Centre is GROWING.

To enable implementation of some exciting growth strategies, we are launching a

crowdfunding campaign.


Crowdfunding is a way of funding a project or venture by raising small (and large) amounts of money from a large number of people.  The concept is a bit like pay-it-forward, where you can donate to support something you want to see happen or buy a product or service (perk) in advance.

We’re using a crowdfunding platform called Chuffed, which hosts not-for profit and social enterprise ventures.

Why would you support the Green Building Centre with your hard earned money?

 earth sad> Because there’s so many headlines about destruction of the planet – and we have a SOLUTION!

If you’re often feeling like there’s nothing you can do to help turn things around in this world of media doom and gloom about the planet, you’ve landed on the right page.

The Green Building Centre is a focal point for change. Changes that need to become the norm.


It’s a building (r)Evolution! Become part of it, click HERE 

Building and renovation in our society has a huge negative impact on the planet – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here’s why:

  • There are so many innovative, scientifically backed building products and services available nowadays that actually benefit the environment as well as sustaining it.

How we (GBC) benefit you:

  • Make it easier for you, the builder/renovator, to find truly green products and services to use
  • Make green information accessible, concise and easy to understand
  • Provide you with choices – a range of quality, eco options

What Green building businesses need:

  • Is exactly what we provide – access point from one central location connecting customers to their products
  • These businesses need to be found and promoted, and utilized by all builders and renovators

What you are supporting:

  • The natural environment and all living things in it.
  • Forests, animal habitats, waterways
  • The human race – our very own natural, physical health

Contributing to our Crowdfunding will buy you a range of useful products or services from green product discounts, magazine subscriptions, business promotion at the centre or on our website, to gift vouchers and many other perks, check them out for yourself now, CLICK HERE.

…PLUS it’s a way to show support for the bigger picture endeavour of the business and contribute to a new Environmentally Healthy Business Economy.

Get ready to change the world!

< Join the Green Building (r)Evolution >

~ BUY a PERK NOW, until 7th May 2015 ~

AND please spread the word – share/like/tweet/pin..any which way you are social in this world!

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Team ~ Deb, Dale, Alice & Mel

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